Seasons  Webquest



In this assignment you will be using resources from the Web to answer questions and gather information about the motions of the Earth and the changing seasons. Save the information/ answers for each individual question- you will need them to complete your task. You may want to use other sources, which is fine. (Hint: The research section of our homepage?)

"You truly do not understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother."

Your Task is to draft a letter to my grandmother explaining how the motion of the Earth in its rotation and revolution creates the seasons. You should include information from each of the questions in the web quest. This includes the tilt of the Earth, Seasons, Solstices, Equinoxes, precession, changes in the hours of daylight from season to season, etc. You will be graded on the following:


Neatness (typed and use of proper diagrams): 10 points

Completed on time: 10 points

Grammar: 10 points

Information and complete explanations from all questions are included: 50 points

Written in the form of a letter: 10 points

Being polite: (This is for my granny!) 10 points



First take a visit to Earth's Seasons

Here comes the Sun! (tutorial with graphics)



Lets start with simple questions first:

1. Is the Earth Tilted on it's Axis?

2. Where do they get the number 23.5 ?


3. Is the Tilt always the same ?


4. What's So Important About The Tilt Of The Earth's Axis?

Earth's Orbit

5. Why Is Revolution Important To The Changing Seasons?


       Motion of the Earth animation

      Fundamentals of Physical Geography

       Why we have Seasons Animation

       Another seasons animation- What happens to the amount and duration of sunlight?



Sun and orbits

6. Besides the Tilt of the Earth as well as the fact that the North Pole always points in the same direction, what effect does this have on the altitude of the Sun in the sky from season to season?





7. Does Distance Have Anything To Do With Why It's Hot or Cold?

a. When is the Earth closest (Perihelion) to the Sun?


b. When is the Earth farthest (Aphelion) from the Sun?

c. So, does the distance of the Sun from the Earth have anything to do with why it is hot or cold outside? Explain using specific examples



8. On what date(s) of the year is the Sun exactly over the Equator ?

9. What is the Summer Solstice and where is the Sun overhead on the Earth?

10. On the first day of Summer, how many hours of sunshine does the place you live receive on the Summer Solstice?

11. On the first day of Winter, how many hours of sunshine does the place you live receive on the Winter Solstice?

12. On the first day of Spring, how many hours of sunshine does the place you live receive on this day?



13. On the first day of Fall, how many hours of sunshine does the place you live receive on this day?

14. So why is it in 13,000 years, Summer will become Winter, in fact, all the seasons are reversed ? What causes this?

15. What is this cycle called and how many years does it take to complete?


16. Why is it warm in the Summer and Cold in the Winter?



   Now answer these challenge questions!